How Online Gambling Change Casinos

How online gambling has changed the casino landscape

It feels like yesterday that we all had to suit up and be over 25 to enjoy casino gambling.

Back in the day, gambling was either done at a land-based casino or a small betting shop within your city center. The good news is that those gambling options exist, but other options exist to satisfy your itch to play. 

Today the gambling world, along with many other parts of our lives, is online. There is no need to come up with a big event and head over to a land casino or save up tons of money to make it to Sin City and gamble. Today, tomorrow, and also for the foreseeable future, gambling is online, causing a new concept of gambling. Gambling from anywhere you like on a 24/7 basis snagging online casino promotions, and hopefully winning massive wins even from the comfort of your home.  

Variety of Gaming Options

In the past, you would only find a limited amount of table games and slot machines to play; today, you are spoilt for choice. Fruits and lucky 7s used to dominate your slot machines; today, the theme variety is booming. You will find slot games related to Christmas, sports and sporting events. Halloween, Tv Shows, Comics, Summer, and many other events happening in our lives.  

Today you visit an online casino site and head to the lobby section. Here you will be presented with various game options for you to choose from, such as slot games, table games, Progressive Jackpot games, Live games, and more. You will also find many game variants to fill your time, with some also manned by live dealers. 

If you are lucky, if you choose a reputable online casino site, you might also find a sportsbook section where you can choose your sports of choice and wager on some of the biggest sporting events and tournaments happening worldwide. 

Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Going to a traditional casino, you might be greeted with champagne and canapes, but casino promotions and bonuses are not on the cards for you. Online casinos offer a different world, a world full of fun, coupled with gamification and sprinkled with bonus choices. 

Once you decide on which online casino you choose, you will be offered a welcome bonus with your first deposit. This usually consists of a deposit match and free spins to get you started. After that, some casinos offer ongoing weekly promotions, with deposit matches, free spins, and a percentage of your losses being granted back to your player account. Slot battles and tournaments are another way for the online playground to offer you bonuses, with the top players taking home lucrative cash prizes. 

Other promotions include a VIP Loyalty Scheme that will see you climb the online casino’s social ladder and scoop bonuses as you reach the very top of the pack.

Funding your play virtually

When you register at an online casino, funding your play is also done online. You have various payment options, including e-wallets, credit cards, bank transfers, etc. The latest addition to funding your play includes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and  Ethereum, being fan favorites.

You will also find gambling sites that enjoy being branded as Bitcoin Casinos, where you can only deposit using specified cryptocurrencies outlined by the online casino. Such sites offer many benefits that otherwise would not be available at your traditional online casino. 

No need to miss live dealers

Many punters enjoy the thrills that land-based casinos offer. Most of these players like the notion of sitting at a table game and interacting with fellow players and the dealer. We reckon that such gamblers will be ecstatic to know that live dealers are also available online. Simply click the Live Casino section at an online casino, and choose your game of choice: Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and more. 

Recently we saw live casinos take a new leap into the future, offering live games such as Monopoly, Football Manager, and Deal or No Deal, along with rumors that also live slots will join the online casino content world soon. 

Banning yourself from gambling if the need arise

With more exposure and availability to gambling, there is more available for you to sign into your player account and gamble. This could be a pro or a con, depending on how you look at the matter. If you enjoy playing games of chance at online casino sites and need to look closely at your gambling patterns, know that help is available. 

Opting to self-exclude yourself from visiting and playing at online casino sites is also an option with Gamstop available to players who want to self-exclude themselves from gambling. Also, remember that when registering at an online casino, your playing patterns will be assessed, and the site’s payment team has every right to practice Responsible Gambling practices if the need arises. This means that if a gambling problem arises, the site can choose to halt further gambling by closing and barring the player’s account for good. 

The Future

Online gambling had changed the casino landscape 180 degrees, to the point that we almost forget what gambling looked like before the first online casino was launched. The first leap was gambling online; the game variety followed, with live dealers making it to our favorite sites. 

If you think online gambling is evolving, you are wrong. The gambling world is currently working on ways to integrate AI with gambling and give players a plaque UX and customer experience. Virtual Reality is also a target for game developers and will offer players an even more immersive casino experience. 

Expect your gaming to transform, improve and enhance by offering you brighter playtimes. Altering how we gamble, the fun and the entertainment always remain guaranteed.

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