6 Tips to Becoming Better NFL Bettor

6 Tips That Will Help You Become Better At NFL Betting

The NFL is a unique sports league that Americans revere. Unlike soccer, American football is quite challenging to analyze because of its unpredictable nature.

Nevertheless, countless punters make quite a fortune by betting on the NFL. 

These bettors know their way around the sport and thus reap the benefits. You must follow specific procedures and tips to become one of these numerous punters who regularly win on NFL betting. These tips do not only make you better at placing bets on the NFL but also a more successful punter in the long run. They include: 

Do Not Bet With Emotions

As a punter who wants to make a lot of money through NFL betting, you need to know the first rule of gambling — bet with your head, not your heart. Although this sounds like something every bettor knows, only a few put it into action.

As humans, our emotions get in the way while making betting predictions by placing our biases on teams and opponents. To become better at NFL betting, it's crucial you put your preferences aside and be more strategic with your choices. Don't be drawn in by big odds or preferences for a particular team. Instead, focus on the best possible outcomes and always play safe. Favoritism and emotions will render you bankrupt.

Pay Rapt Attention to Where the Matches are to be Played 

One of the tips to consider when betting on American football is the venue of each match. In the National Football League, home advantage matters a lot. Some teams seldom lose on their pitch, regardless of how poor their form might be away from home. 

A bettor must do comparative research on teams and their oppositions. It will help you when betting on handicaps for home team advantage. Punters also need to know where the teams played their last match; the farther the distance, the longer it takes for the players to recover. It will help if you take note of all these things before placing a bet. 

Have Knowledge of Individual Matchups

Unlike soccer, where players are fluid and can cover up for one another, American football is quite different. Although football is regarded as a team sport, one-on-one matchups are highly instrumental in every match, and it has a high percentage rate of determining the outcome of a game.

The NFL is quite strategic and more complex than the MLS. Therefore, each player has a specific task depending on the team's tactics. For example, teams with weak offensive tackles shouldn't be expected to perform very well against the premier edge rushers. There'll always be a disparity in skill between players who will go head to head. 

Therefore, punters must focus on the essential aspects of the games and place bets solely on the better of the opposition. 

Always Check the Injury Report Before Betting

Another tip, as experts, that will help you become better when playing NFL betting online is always to check the injury report. Due to the intensity of the sport, injury happens quite frequently. It usually keeps the players out for a lengthy period, which invariably affects the team should the player be a critical squad member. 

Changes in team line-ups, especially to key players, will affect the team and the results. Therefore, bettors should always check media posts and updates for a detailed report on each team's news and what should be expected on a particular game week. These reports will serve as a much-needed guide when placing a bet.

Never Place a Bet Based on Trends 

One mistake most amateur NFL bettors make is they focus on trends rather than analysis. Following the trend is one of the ways to get acquainted with the results and performance of teams in the NFL but never place your wagers based on that alone. 

If a team scored 49 points in the previous week, it doesn't necessarily mean that such a team is in red hot form. You have to analyze how the team scored all the points, perhaps they played against a lowly-rated team, or the defense scored a couple of touchdowns. Intelligent and successful bettors never overlook these points. 

Don't Ever Let The Odds Tempt You

One thing to take cognizance of when betting on NFL games is the close competition between the teams. NFL bookmakers bank on this to deceive punters by providing a relatively huge difference in betting odds, with a lot of amateur bettors falling for their ploy. 

While the urge to hit the jackpot as fast as possible is always intense, it's essential for you as a punter not to lose track of what is important else you dig your own grave. You need to understand that bookmakers have analyzed the possibility of the outcome before providing such tremendous odds. If you have to stake on underdogs, make sure there's a specific logic. 

If you don't let the value of the betting odds overwhelm you, you've successfully overcome the bait of the bookies and can make as much money as possible from NFL betting. 


Betting on NFL matches is a different ball game compared to other kinds of sports like Major League Baseball (MLB), NBA, or tennis. There are specific tips to follow if you want to be successful and win big. 

Betting can only be detrimental if played without any knowledge or strategy. So, as a punter who wants to be successful in NFL betting, you must adhere strictly to the tips above. If followed strictly, these tips will improve you and eventually help you become a pro punter.

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