7 Misconceptions about Online Slots

7 Most Common Misconceptions About Online Slot Machines

Slot games are undoubtedly the favourites of all casino games. Because they’re so popular, however, a number of misconceptions have developed over the years.

Let’s debunk a few of these myths and delve into the truth about slot machines.

We spoke to Jacek Michałski, who is an expert in online casino games and knows what’s true and what isn’t. 

Online Slots Are Rigged

This stems from the popular phrase, “the house always wins”. Of course, a casino is in the business of making money, and so it’s only natural that they figure out how to turn a profit. They achieve that with slots by keeping a portion of their players’ wages.

But that doesn’t mean they’re rigged. So if you’ve ever asked yourself, “are slot machines really random?”. don’t worry. Slots use Random Number Generator (RNG) technology to ensure that the result of each spin is indeed fair and random. 

Of course, online casinos are aware that players who win will want to try their luck again. However, RTPs of slots are among the highest of all casino games, at up to 99%. In fact, players win more than 90% of their slot games.

There Are Higher Odds of winning on a Slot That Hasn’t Paid Out a Jackpot

The results of slots are based on probability, which applies to each play. So if a slot’s RNG is designed with a 30% chance of paying out a jackpot, the number of plays that have passed is irrelevant. When the RNG produces a winning number, the jackpot pays out.

There Are No Consecutive Jackpots

This is linked to the previous misconception. Some players believe a myth that states a slot that has recently paid out a jackpot will unlikely pay another one out soon. Once again, the RNG has the ultimate say here. 

Two numbers of the same value can appear either consecutively or close to each other. And there have been cases of players hitting jackpots on one machine. So if you enjoy playing, check reviews about polskie casino online and don’t be afraid to play at those slots that have recently been awarded a jackpot.

You’re More Likely to Win in Tournaments or During Promotions

Casinos are savvy when it comes to protecting their profit margin. So, they aren’t going to put on a promotion if it adversely affects their profits. 

Tournaments and promotions are effective marketing tools where players think they have a higher chance of winning. The reality is that the RNG ensures the winning probability remains the same. 

You’re Less Likely to Win in Autoplay

Many players are wary of autoplay because they think there’s a greater chance of them losing. When players lose more during autoplay, it’s down to the fact that autoplay is faster, not because losing numbers are showing up more frequently. Even in autoplay, the RNG is the determining factor, which means that the chances of winning are the same during autoplay or manual play.

Symbols appear Equally

Lower-paying symbols appear more frequently than higher-paying symbols. Otherwise, a slot would lose money the majority of the time. 

And, as we’ve said already, a casino is in the money-making business. So you can expect higher-paying symbols to appear less frequently to ensure that big prizes are paid out less often.

Players Can’t Improve Their Slot Wins

No, players can’t do much when it comes to winning on the slots. However, it’s possible to improve the winning rate from one slot to the next. 

Slots have different RTPs, ranging from 85% to 99%. So which slot you choose to play has a significant factor in your winning rate.


Slots remain among the most popular games at online casinos due to the wide variety of games and the fast-paced action. So don’t let the above slot machine myths hold you back from the fun to be had and profits to be made.

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