Most Viewed Sports In Canada

What Are The Most Viewed Sports In Canada, And Why?

Canada is renowned for its giant moose, chipotle and love for sports! But which sports are the most viewed in Canada and why are they so popular?

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is far the most popular sport in Canada, in fact, it’s considered the home of ice hockey. It’s all for good reason, in truth ice hockey was formed in Canada and it’s been Canada’s national winter sport for quite some time.

When it comes to the NHL's top players one will find that a lot of the players and teams have strong Canadian roots!


Perhaps one of the most popular sports worldwide, soccer is also super popular in Canada. When you take a look at Sports Betting Canada scene some of the most popular bettings is done on soccer! For Canadians, most of the pride in this sport comes from the Women's team who showcased great skills that ultimately landed them 3rd place in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Although soccer plays a major role in Canada it’s still nowhere near as popular as Ice Hockey, that being said it is increasing in popularity yearly.


Although an American sport, baseball is enjoyed by thousands of Canadians. Baseball has been around for decades and has since built up quite the fan base over the years. Strangely enough, even though the sport’s roots are in America the oldest baseball park is located in none other than Canada’s Ontario, the park is called Labatt Park and is still in operation.

Canada has their own baseball governing body called Baseball Canada which is located in the capital city Ottawa. One can find a plethora of independent teams in the country that take part in both the Can-Am League and the American Association league too.

Canadian Football

Similar to American Football, Canadian football is its own variant of the world-renowned game. Canadian football has its roots in rugby and it’s been so since the 1960s, today the sport has developed into what we now know as Canadian football and makes up one of the most popular and viewed sports in Canada.


Even though basketball is more popular in the U.S. it was indeed founded by a Canadian. 

As such, basketball is still widely popular among Canadians and will probably always be. The sport is very much enjoyed and cherished in high schools and colleges across the country. It’as so famous in fact, that people will be eager to check out the schedule of the next basketball game!

Fun fact, the first-ever NBA game to be played had the Toronto Huskies VS the New York Knickerbockers back in 1946!


First practised on Canadian soil around 1867 it’s fair to say boxing has a long history in Canada. The initial variant which was bare-knuckle boxing was illegal in the country at the time. It wasn’t until 1906 before Canadian boxer Tommy Burns could take the title of champion.

Since then there have been a number of superb boxers that have come out from Canada including giant names like Lennox Lewis, Trevor Berbick, George Chuvalo and many many more!

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