Getting Better at Sports Betting in 22

How To Get Better at Sports Betting in 2022

Sports betting can be done in two ways, online or at casinos physically. Online betting has taken over, becoming more popular than the latter due to many reasons.

If done properly, sports betting can earn you a lot of money, especially betting on sports you follow. 

Although it is pretty straightforward, sports betting requires some basic skills. Without such skills, it is pointless to bet because the outcome will be disastrous. One of the skills is discipline, which is the most crucial.

Other than the basic and obvious skills, there are other ways in which you can get better at sports betting. With these ways, income or returns from sports betting can be increased. If not, at least the skills will help reduce the rate of losing bets. Either way, these methods can be considered the best ways to get better at sports betting. 

They include the following.

  1. Improve your knowledge of the sports

Sports betting requires knowledge of the sport in question, however minimal. The knowledge provides clear direction in obvious bets, and it is almost impossible to bet without it. With that in mind, imagine knowing more about whatever sport you are betting on. 

Fortunately, you can find lots of betting guides that can enhance your knowledge of any sport including the NHL. By using the information from these guides, you can discover a great winning formula for a particular day’s NHL picks and markets. 

Whether it’s tennis, soccer, football, basketball or golf, more information can only be better. You will understand the game more, and know where to take a risk and where not to. Sports betting is easier for the experts of the sport because they always have the upper hand.

Although this is a very useful tip, it can always come back and haunt you. Therefore, a little caution could go a long way at some point. For instance, over-analyzing a match or player depending on the sport can be dangerous. There is always the element of surprise that you should take into account, having considered other variables. 

Other than the element of surprise, you should consider the underdog and their potential. Sometimes it is the underdog that pulls a surprise, and that can be a good thing. If you know the sport well enough to understand the particular underdog, you could bet on them and win big.

  1. Narrow your bets

As stated earlier, discipline is a very important characteristic of sports betting. Discipline, could mean self-control or avoiding greed. Greed can lead to bad losses and can become a recurrent theme. It starts by betting on many teams, maybe even in different sports, and losing. 

The aftermath is losing money, and therefore wanting to make it back and more, by betting again. If this theme goes on, it could lead you to a bad place, like depression or bankruptcy. That is where discipline comes in and limits you as a bettor.

In terms of narrowing down the value bets, this involves discipline too. Some of us place multiple bets, which include teams that we don’t believe can help us win. Our hope is for something spectacular to happen and we end up winning. It is a poor betting strategy. 

The best way to go about it is knowing what bets can earn you money. No matter how small the returns are, you can put them back in another safe bet and win. Narrower or smaller bets reduce any chances of losing a bet.

  1. Have an allocated budget and staking plan

This is another field that reiterates the importance of discipline in sports betting. Some even consider budget allocation the ultimate discipline in sports betting, which is true. Depending on how regular you bet, you need to create a budget for that. 

It could be a daily, weekly, or monthly budget, which should align with your income within the same time frame. The allocation prevents misusing money, and in a way helps you understand when to stop.

If you are a regular bettor and not someone who just wants to try their luck once, then a pro-advisor could help. The plan is to ensure you have everything in control, given the risks of betting. 

While most people hope to win whenever they bet, there is always a higher chance of losing. Once you are realistic and understand that, then you cannot be blinded by losing a bet or a series of them.  

  1. Identify and refrain from personal bias

There is one major downside of being a fan or knowing too much about a specific team. It introduces an emotional cloud that affects your judgment and decision-making. It is important to know when such emotional attachment creeps in, and avoid it. 

Some of us go for safer bets when betting for our teams, while others choose not to get involved at all. The second option is the best because betting against your team means wanting them to lose.

Another way in which personal bias can be involved is previous encounters or rivalries. First, with rivalries, die-hard fans of whichever sport always want their bitter rivals to lose. Most of the time this backfires on us and ends up costing us. Noticing that this is happening is important because you get a chance to stop it. 

As for previous encounters, some bettors can be petty. If you bet on a team and don’t win, you keep it at heart. The next time the team plays, you bet against it even when you have a good chance of winning. 

  1. Understand the value bets

The term value bets can be confusing, especially for a beginner or non-betting fan. It is however a very important term, especially to firm betters. It involves the odds given to a match, all three, which are a draw, win and lose. 

A value bet is an instance in which the odds match the team and their chances in the match. Bookmakers can sometimes toy with our minds, by giving odds that don’t match a team.

It is important to understand the value bets, because, with them, you have the upper hand. If bookmakers try and confuse you with funny odds, you will be aware and turn the tables. The only way to understand the value bets is after understanding the sports, so they are directly related.


Some of the above tips are things we already know but just overlook in our daily encounters. Others are directly related, making it easier to learn and understand. All in all, they up your chances of winning, and make you a better bettor.

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