The Best and Worst Casino Game Odds

The Best and The Worst Casino Game Odds

Not all casino games are created equal. Casino games are indeed designed to give profit to the house.

Otherwise, how would the business survive right? Anyway, there are games where your chances to succeed are considerably higher than others. Of course, slots are loads of fun, but there are "luckier" games to place your bets on. Before heading to the casino, check out where the best and narrowest chances lie.

Challenging the House

Those games where mathematical thinking is relevant award players more frequently. So, card games and table games come on the top of the list. Here are three of the best games to challenge the dealer.


A lot has changed in blackjack rules since Edward Thorp laid their loopholes bare. Mr Thorp created a card-counting technique to guess the next card with great accuracy in the original one-deck version. After legal battles and a long time chasing "too-clever" players, casinos have improved blackjack rules. Changes include more decks of cards and complex reshuffling techniques.

However, skilled players can still have a blast, while mathematical skills remain helpful. Here, the odds are 49% for players.


Craps is a table game where bets are placed on dice. The outcome of the game is so random that chances are almost 50/50. The "shooter" is the player rolling the dice. The first roll, known as "coming out", should ideally hit a seven or an eleven. In case a different number comes out, this number becomes the "point".

There are other options for betting, like guessing the number that the shooter will roll.


Roulette is a game of pure luck. You can just pick a number and keep betting on it until you go broke. Still, players have different winning chances, depending on the kind of bet they place. Chances are pretty slim in those cases, but you can have 50/50 odds when betting on red or black numbers, for instance.

The house edge is guaranteed by the green field and the 00 slots. In case you're lucky enough to score your one-number bet, you'll 36x your wager.

Worst Casino Games Odds

If it's true that luck favours the bold, it takes some courage to bet on the games below. The outcome is entirely out of your hand and frequently results in nothing. Check where the house plays its best.

Wheel of Fortune

There isn't so much fortune on this wheel, it seems. The odds of winning stay between 26% and 39%. Bets can be as low as $1, but the payout will be proportionally low. Once, the game awarded $2.6 million to a player called Andy Kravitz. It was the highest Wheel of Fortune payout ever.


Everyone knows a story of someone who's made an instant millionaire at a slot machine. The highest jackpots are jaw-dropping $39,713,982.25, scored by an anonymous player. However, the winning odds are approximately 1 in 50,000.


Games of skill like blackjack and poker can be intimidating for first-timers. It happens because games of skill offer better odds for better players. Inexperienced players are more likely to lose money on those games. Games of pure luck offer outstanding prizes in exchange for a meagre winning chance.

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