7 Sports You Can Wager on Using Crypto

7 Mainstream Sports You Can Wager On Using Crypto

All over the world, sports betting has seen a sensational rise in its numbers. The number of spectators that watch sports has increased significantly.

Both male and female fans are now willing to show their support for the various sports and teams. However, you can notice the passion displayed by these fans during their games. 

Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies are a global currency that enables these people to expand their betting reach to numerous countries. Everyone wants a piece of the worldwide betting market, which is estimated to be worth over $3 trillion. Naturally, therefore, more and more sports betting platforms evolve daily. The prevailing one that stands out like a diamond in the rough is Bitcoin betting sites. 

This bookie has piqued so many bettors' interest in recent years. Since sports betting is now becoming a global phenomenon, Bitcoin betting sites have been the ones championing this growth. To be successful in wagering is all about the betting options the bookie makes available. 

Bitcoin betting sites are known to have exhaustive betting options, but do you know if they have the option you want? Therefore, we are here to provide an answer to the question. Here you will find the mainstream sports you can wager on in crypto betting sites. 

Why You Should Give Sports Wagering on Crypto Sports Betting Sites a Try

You don't need much explanation to understand that cryptocurrency betting sites are superior to fiat betting sites. Crypto betting sites are known for the security and anonymity they can offer to their customers. Hence, you can play bets without the fear of being hacked or falling victim to identity theft. They also provide the option of in-play betting, which is uncommon among fiat betting websites. Therefore, any live game among the major sports is available for staking. 

Licensing is also another reason why you should give crypto betting sites a try. Never downplay the significance of a license on a cryptocurrency betting website. Besides, these licenses have designs that ensure these bookies meet at least the minimum requirements a betting platform should have. Hence, their goal is to prevent any bookmaker from taking advantage of their customers. 

7 Mainstream Sports You Can Wager on in Crypto Sport Betting Sites.

Sports betting has gone mainstream, so it is only suitable for these bookmakers to give you the quality that goes with it. There are numerous sports you can find on Bitcoin betting sites. However, only the popular ones have been drawing in customers. Although, the less popular ones do bring a lot of niche bettors. Therefore, below are some of the mainstream sports you can find on Bitcoin betting sites. 

1. Soccer

Soccer speaks volumes, as it has the highest number of betting options. There are over a thousand registered soccer teams, and it has a ton of leagues and competitions. Every minute there is a soccer game going on, so it depends if your bookmaker gives you the ability to bet on it. Soccer is the sport that has captured a lot of fans' hearts, making it the most popular betting event. 

The mainstream competitions and leagues familiar with soccer include the FIFA world cup, the Champions League, Europa League, English Premier League, the FA cup, and much more. These competitions cause serious traction on Bitcoin betting sites, especially on match days. Additionally, betting on the sport is quite simple, and a novice may readily understand the market.

2. Basketball 

Basketball is a gold mine for profits if you accept that you don't use logic when betting on this sport. Wagering on basketball is more challenging than other sports because they are difficult to predict. For newbie bettors, it is best to take some time to study the players rather than the game. 

The level of a player's motivation may determine whether you are successful. The NBA is the largest professional basketball league, and bettors are interested in it. If you can understand the madness that is the NBA, then there is no stopping you. 

3. Tennis

Tennis is the third most popular sport to bet on, and it is no surprise due to its high betting combinations. It has multiple competitions that are played frequently and on an international level. Furthermore, it has many professional players, with male and female matches drawing interest from fans.

The top competitions include grand slams like the French Open, Australian Open, US Open, and Wimbledon. These competitions feature many matches in singles events for men and women, doubles events, and mixed events. 

4. American Football

Football is the most popular sport in the United States and its environs, and there is no opposition to that fact. It is a high-intensity sport, making it enjoyable to watch and bet on simultaneously. Customers on Bitcoin betting sites can bet on either pro football or college football, irrespective of location. 

Bettors can choose options like the outright winner of a match, but the most commonly played option is that of the Super Bowl winner. Hence, you pick who would emerge champion at the beginning of the season. 

5. Boxing

Boxing has been a sport known to attract bettors for years. It is arguably the oldest kind of sports betting. Bettors who bet on boxing usually stake big since bouts are not frequent. However, when a big match occurs, bettors typically go crazy and pour in the money.

6. Ice Hockey

The most popular winter sport on any betting website is likely ice hockey. The NHL is the most popular ice hockey competition, and it draws in bettors on a global level. The odds are also very lucrative, with Moneyline and parlay the most popular option played by bettors. 

7. Esports

Esports is the fastest-growing sport because it contains all the major sporting events. The world is going virtual, and Bitcoin betting sites do not aim to be left behind. Hence bookmakers now have the latest esports competitions on their platforms. Video game events like FIFA are easy to bet on if you know about football. Therefore, the FIFA eWorld cup is a top esports event on Bitcoin betting sites.

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