Surebets - The Way to Play up The Bookie

Surebets - the way to play up the bookie

So many strategies were used hoping to play up the bookie, only a small part of which yielded the expected results. 

One of the effective strategies is betting arbitrage. This topic is going to be highlighted in today’s article.

What is Surebet?

Surebet is a calculated arbitrage situation, which emerges due to difference between the odds of several sportsbooks on opposing results of the event. 

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If such a situation appears, a punter have a chance to bet and get profit regardless of the outcome. Profit margin is directly related to the wager, since each surebet has different percent (profitability rate). 

Look at the screenshot below where shown the common surebet with 4.99% profitability. In this case, you could earn almost 15$ despite the result of the match if you bet 300$ in total on both opposing outcomes!


All arbitrage situations are divided into Prematch and Live depending on the time they are comprised. 

At first glance it may seem that it’s quite simple to work with this strategy - bet and win. However, it’s important to stick to some essential recommendations to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

Recommendations on surebet exploitation  

1. Learn the rules. It’s the most important step before setting up to arbing. Different bookmakers have different rules on bet calculation for certain sports. Neglection of this step may anytime lead to force majeure events and bankroll loss. 

It would be also great to learn more about popular bet types, eg. total, btts, correct score and handicap in betting.  

2. Only approved surebet scanner. So many pros employ the services of special surebet scanners to use the strategy as efficiently as possible. The main aim of such software is searching for arbitrage situations with sportsbooks and issuing the results of the search to the customer. Currently, BetBurger appears to be an incontrovertible leader among such service providers. 

Nowadays, this service scan more than 200 bookmakers in 40+ kinds of sports and provides to its clients data on surebets and valuebets in a matter of seconds.


3.  Round up the bet. Unrounded wagers give bookmaker a signal about possible use of surebet strategy. Therefore, punters are not welcomed and usually subjected to sanctions. 

Moreover, it’s better to alternate arbing with regular bets: it will lower the risk of sanctions like maximum bet reduction.

4. Keep off high profit arbitrage situations. Newbies are better to avoid betting arbitrage situations with high percent (>7%), since that might be bookmaker mistakes. Consequently, the wager is voided and you lose a part of your funds.  

5. Avoid frequent withdrawal. Especially, if we’re talking about large amounts. It will draw excessive attention to you as a bettor. Better make maximum wagers as seldom as possible.   


No doubt surebets may become a great way to get some extra income, but it’s really crucial to consider all expert recommendations concerning the given strategy. 

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