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Cricket is super popular around the world, and great for betting

We all know the excitement of sports betting here at The Spread. Whether that’s the joys of having a punt on the brutal on-field chess that is the NFL, or trying your luck on the intense battles that rage on the ice in the NHL, or even putting a wager on the aerial acrobatics that make up the NBA, the American sporting landscape is stacked full of amazing opportunities for bettors.

However, what if you wanted to broaden your sporting horizon, and find some totally new sports that are just as fantastic to bet on? Well, the brilliant news is that there are heaps of exciting sports that are more popular around the globe than here in the US, and they’re not just great to watch, but are also perfect for wagering on. 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the standout choices then, and remember to read up on the five things to remember when making your first sports bet, before diving into these foreign treats. 


Yup, that’s right, the bar activity known as darts is a much under-appreciated sport to bet on. In what might be a surprise to us here in the US, professional darts is a big deal outside of these shores. It’s not that we don’t know the game here, as 17 million Americans play darts, but we just tend to see it as something to do at the local watering hole. That’s in stark contrast to many other countries, such as the Netherlands, where darts is serious business.

There’s loads of darts tournaments that take place every year, all of which can be bet on. One of the biggest is the World Darts Championship, which sees the greatest darts players from all over the world descend on London’s Alexandra Palace, in the hopes of being crowned champion.


It seems that most countries only have space for one beloved bat and ball sport in their collective hearts. Here in the US, it’s obviously baseball, which is as American as apple pie, but in many different regions it’s actually cricket that is obsessed over. First invented in England, the earliest known written record of the rules of the sport date back to 1728. It was then spread to many parts of the world by their far-reaching empire. 

Just like baseball, cricket is a sport that has a long duration time, especially during the Test matches, which can last for a mammoth five days. This can be extremely off-putting to newcomers, but fortunately there’s a much more welcoming alternative. The Indian Premier League is the world’s most popular cricket league, and is a much more enticing way to first sample this fascinating sport. Instead of the Test format, it uses the style of T20, which condenses the sport into a much shorter timeframe, whilst also ramping up the action. 

England might have created the sport, but India is the true spiritual home of cricket, and the IPL draws immense crowds around the country for every game. It’s also the most bet on sport in the country, with the best sports betting sites in India, which have handily been gathered by the experts over at Asia Bet, offering loads of options for having a wager on all the cricket matches. They also provide guides on how to bet on a range of other sports, and have all the necessary information about payment methods and a boatload of bonus offers, which all have fair play-through conditions.  

Aussie Rules Football

Searching for a sport that’s just as hard-hitting as the NFL? Then you’ll adore Aussie rules football, which is a sport equally as full of organized carnage. As you can probably decipher from its name, it is predominately played in Australia, where its origins trace all the way back to the 1850’s. It evolved to become a mainstay of Aussie culture, and is played upon its many modified cricket grounds.

It’s an intense sport, with there being 18 players on each team, and the aim of the game is to kick the ball (which looks almost identical to the footballs used in NFL, just slightly larger in size) through the goal posts that are dotted around the oval field. It makes for great betting options as the sport is high-scoring and competitive, meaning there’s always a chance for the underdogs to get a victory against a stronger team. Check out the AFL, which is the most renowned league in the sport.

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