Where Will Aaron Rodgers Play in 2023

NFL Betting Prediction, 2/17/23 Which Team will Aaron Rodgers Play for in 2023?

Which NFL team will Aaron Rodgers take his next regular season snap with for the 2023 NFL season? Here are our favorite three options.

OPTION 1: Green Bay Packers +300

There’s too much value to simply look past the Packers retaining Rodgers for next season. For starters, he has $59.465 million guaranteed if he plays in 2023, which is part of the three-year, $150 million contract extension he signed in March of last year. He carries a salary-cap charge of $31,623,570 for next season, so it won’t be easy to move him this offseason. There are plenty of QB-needy teams that are cap-strapped and he’ll have to agree to any deal. Plus, if teams are worried about him playing behind next season, why would they give up a haul to acquire him now? It makes no sense to part with the compensation to acquire Rodgers for potentially only one year. I’d grab the Packers at +300 while I could.

OPTION 2: New York Jets +250

The Jets hired Rodgers’ former offensive coordinator in Green Bay to be their newest OC and thus, New York would have one huge advantage over a team like the Raiders. Going to Las Vegas would mean learning a completely new offense under head coach and play-caller Josh McDaniels, whereas if he is traded to the Jets, he could stay in the same offense that he’s been used to in Green Bay. That doesn’t mean Rodgers wouldn’t be able to learn a new offense, but would he want to at this stage of his career? I like the Jets’ value more than the Raiders.

OPTION 3: Las Vegas Raiders -250

The Raiders are the favorites for a reason: They have Rodgers’ old buddy Devante Adams and the QB even said at this year’s Phoenix Open that Raider fans were trying to recruit him to Vegas. There’s little to no value in these odds, but I also don’t see the other options as a worthwhile risk. He’s not going to the Commanders, the Bucs don’t have the cap space and the Colts could land their franchise QB in April’s draft. 

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