Single Game Betting Now Legal in Canada

Single-game sports betting now legal in Canada

Anyone interested in sports betting will probably be familiar with Bill C-218. It’s intended to amend the Criminal Code provisions around single-game sports betting.

This kind of betting was illegal for most sports up until now, except for horse-racing. 

The previous state of these provisions forced Canadians to spend their money overseas and through illegal means. This means that Canada has lost billions of dollars to offshore sites and organized crime, which they are now able to control and regulate. 

Now, the government of each province and territory can provide licenses to certain companies in the area. These companies, in turn, can now provide single-game sports betting services to their customers. Bettors can also enjoy these services using Canadian betting websites without fear of legal repercussions.

In light of this news, Canadian bettors may be wondering how to make use of this new legislation? The list below suggests some ways you can use single-game sports betting to cash in safely and legally.

Learn the basics

If you aren’t part of the scene, chances are you know nothing about how sports betting works. Beginners would do well to become acquainted with the basics and learn how to place bets, certain terminology, and an explanation of the inner workings - why sports betting is so lucrative and how profit is generated. Knowing this can help beginner bettors make smarter and more informed decisions.

Stay informed

One of the first and most important ways to utilize the new legislation is to stay on top of the latest news and tips on betting. 

Be sure your information is coming from trusted and transparent sources. Opt out of tabloids and lean toward websites operated by experts with mileage in the industry, such as Cabets, that offer in-depth analysis of news regarding the legality of sports betting.

Do some research on the sports

The popularity of the sports you're betting on, whether or not it suits your interests, and the accessibility of information are important factors. These are all questions you should consider before choosing which sport to bet on. 

Bettors will usually choose to bet on sports that have a large betting market. A long, comprehensive history of results and data from which to draw their betting conclusions is also useful. Many of them also bet on sports they enjoy watching - it makes successful predictions that much more satisfying.

Find a suitable betting site

Nowadays it can be difficult to tell at one glance which sports betting websites provide quality service. There are many important factors such as the legality of the website itself, the trustworthiness, and the payment and withdrawal system. Some websites offer new or active user bonuses, though it’s imperative to read the fine print on the terms and conditions of these bonuses.

Luckily, the internet is full of comprehensive reviews on Canadian sports betting sites and vendors operating in canada. Reading reviews provides valuable insight into the nature and security of the website from user or critic experience. This allows for an easier selection of the betting site you will trust your money with.

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