What Does Open Play Mean in Betting?

What Does Open Play Mean in Betting?

Open play is a convenient tactic any good bettor can use on many online sports betting sites, including the ones recommended on Takebet.

In essence, with open play, you get to place a typical parlay bet without completing all the selections you want to make. You can then return and fill in those selections at different points in the day or on some other day. 

Open play bets are typically used in football, which is why they are often included in Bundesliga / La Liga betting predictions or tips for the English Premier League. They are ideal for regular sports bettors looking to make parlay bets on games that are not available at the moment. 

With an open bet, you get to start a wager you want and then wait for the other games you want to bet on to open and then add them to the parlay when you want. Regular bets don’t allow this as you always have to complete the bet and place it simultaneously, without having the chance to change anything after the bet is placed. 

We are sure you get the gist of open play, but let’s look at a few other things that will help you place better open play bets and consequently win more money. 

What Are the Sports That Involve Open Play Bets?

Open play wagers come with a couple of limitations, like all bets, but the sports you can place them on are not one of them. You can effectively use these wagers with any sport you enjoy, including football, American football, basketball, tennis, and many others. 

Naturally, you are still limited by the offerings you get from the sportsbook you’re on, which is why it’s crucial to read sports betting sites reviews. That way you can effectively choose the best bookmaker and you need the company to offer competitive odds and allow for open play. What’s more, you want it to cover a wide range of sporting events and betting markets, so you get plenty of opportunities to choose from. 

Essential Things to Consider When Making Open Play Bets

Open play comes with a few rules you should know about before you start placing these valuable wagers:

  • You have to pick your first selection immediately, but the rest can come later. 

  • You have to choose the number of open bet selections upfront. That also means you’ll have to fill them in eventually. 

  • Whenever you add a new selection, the total payout will change accordingly based on that selection and its odds. 

  • Open spots are not available on teasers. 

  • You can place these bets only on online bookie sites, not in physical sportsbooks. 

  • A maximum of two open spots is available per parlay bet.

  • Once you add an open selection, you cannot change it, just like you can’t with any other bet. 

  • You can’t use live bets on open play wagers. 

  • You can fill in the open spots at any point of the day or on some other day, but not after 90 days. This is the maximum period an open slot can remain unfilled. 

What Are Parlay Bets and How Do They Work With Open Play?

Open play bets are effectively a subtype of parlay bets. That’s because a parlay bet is any bet that has more than a single selection. They are effectively multiple bets made into a single one. 

Parlay bets are also called accumulators or multies, and the name depends on your region and what terminology the bookie site uses. 

The good part about parlay bets is that the odds of each bet or selection part of the parlay are multiplied to give you the payout of the whole wager. That way, you can win a lot more than by turning each of those selections into a separate wager. However, unlike multiple regular bets, you have to win every selection of the parlay bet to win the whole wager. 

Now, open play makes this a bit easier as you don’t have to add all the selections at once. You can add a single selection and keep another or two spots open for when a good chance props up. This is especially useful for regular bettors and those with enough experience to recognize a great opportunity. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Making a Parlay Bet

Now that you’ve understood what open play and parlay bets are, it’s time to give a couple of do’s and don’ts that will help you make better and more successful parlay wagers:

  • Don’t risk a high amount of money on parlays with three or more selections. 

  • Do spread your selections across different sports. 

  • Don’t limit yourself to a single sport as you need to look for opportunities, not specific sports or events. 

  • Do create parlays with a lower number of selections.

  • Don’t make parlays with seven or more selections, as they are incredibly hard to win.

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